“First Crocus of the Year”, I mean to say. For me it’s a major transition when, after the months of grey, our garden starts to have some colour in it. Not the best crocus photo ever, and probably not the best crocuses either. But they’re important to me.

The first crocus of 2008

They’re late this year—all that unaccustomed snow—but once they started, came up amazingly fast. Just barely above-ground a week ago, showing a little purple yesterday, and this morning as we went down the front path in the early morning light I told my son “Those flowers will be out when we get back here at noon.”


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From: Carolyn (Feb 20 2008, at 01:08)

How can your crocci (plural) be “late”?!! in BVC (British Vancouver) when ours don’t come out until about March 1st?!

Maybe I have a bad memory, because now, mine don’t come out at all, after several years of blustery ice and snow storms in the beginning of March.

The daffodils still make it early March, and of course the pussywillow (I love them!). What I’d really like to do if I could afford it is put a “tulip cam” in my red maple tree to catch “them varmints” red handed on camera that have been beheading my fuschia tulips every year!!!

The first crocus is important to me, too.


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