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Upcoming Gig: ISO OOXML BRM · I’ve been in­vit­ed to join the Cana­di­an del­e­ga­tion to the DIS 29500 Bal­lot Res­o­lu­tion Meet­ing in Gene­va in Fe­bru­ary. This is a con­se­quence of hav­ing joined the ex­pert group sup­port­ing the Cana­di­an Na­tion­al Stan­dards Body; I haven’t quite fig­ured out the for­est of acronyms and or­ga­ni­za­tions yet, or how things fit to­geth­er. Giv­en the white heat of pol­i­tics and ver­biage around this pro­cess, I’m go­ing to ac­cede to the re­quest of a cou­ple of Very Smart Peo­ple who’ve asked me to hold off on real-time blog­ging. Which I’m com­fy with, since I’m an ISO new­bie and don’t know the pro­cess or the cul­ture. I will say, though, that I am not rep­re­sent­ing Sun of­fi­cial­ly, the Cana­di­an Stan­dards peo­ple con­tact­ed me and I checked with our cor­po­rate Stan­dards group and said that I want­ed to go and would on­ly go if I were free to of­fer my own tech­ni­cal opin­ions on tech­ni­cal is­sues; they were OK with that. I’ve been stuff­ing my brain with the OOXML com­ments and pro­posed res­o­lu­tion­s, and the pic­ture is in­ter­est­ing; I’ll write at length once I fig­ure out how to do so with­out break­ing any­thing.
Leopard Love · You know, I spend quite a bit of time in this space diss­ing OS X, but I’d have to say that Leop­ard has been one of the more pleas­ant in­fras­truc­ture sur­pris­es in re­cent years ...
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