I’ve been invited to join the Canadian delegation to the DIS 29500 Ballot Resolution Meeting in Geneva in February. This is a consequence of having joined the expert group supporting the Canadian National Standards Body; I haven’t quite figured out the forest of acronyms and organizations yet, or how things fit together. Given the white heat of politics and verbiage around this process, I’m going to accede to the request of a couple of Very Smart People who’ve asked me to hold off on real-time blogging. Which I’m comfy with, since I’m an ISO newbie and don’t know the process or the culture. I will say, though, that I am not representing Sun officially, the Canadian Standards people contacted me and I checked with our corporate Standards group and said that I wanted to go and would only go if I were free to offer my own technical opinions on technical issues; they were OK with that. I’ve been stuffing my brain with the OOXML comments and proposed resolutions, and the picture is interesting; I’ll write at length once I figure out how to do so without breaking anything.

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January 14, 2008
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