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R and P · I was reading Eric Rescorla’s First Notes on Django, which mentions in passing that the IETF is rebuilding its (currently pretty lame) tooling in Django. A few pieces of infrastructure that are important to Sun are also in Python. Meanwhile, Rails and Ruby go from strength to strength in their world. It occurs to me that there might be a pattern here: Python for utilities and infrastructure, Ruby for applications. Early days yet, but it’s not completely implausible.
Ruby News · Check out Antonio Cangiano’s The Great Ruby Shootout, which addresses the vexed question of Ruby performance, takes names and hands out numbers. Damn interesting numbers, too, if not terribly surprising. You want surprising? Engine Yard, which already employs Rubinius Guy Evan Phoenix, has just hired Ryan Davis and Eric Hodel to work on Rubinius. Holy crap. That makes four Ruby-implementor teams with multiple people grinding away at the problem full time. This is what they call good news. Meanwhile, the Mac corner of the Ruby World is glowing with scarlet Ruby love.
Social Network Fear · I’ve been real busy the last couple of weeks, and thus casually deleting the steady flow of Facebook and LinkedIn static, and now I can’t bring myself to go to either site because it’s just gonna be a big slow tedious pain in the butt wading through all those invites to see if I actually know them and rejecting the stupid app-spam come-ons and trying to think whether I care about joining this group and that. Time is not on my side.
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