I’ve been real busy the last couple of weeks, and thus casually deleting the steady flow of Facebook and LinkedIn static, and now I can’t bring myself to go to either site because it’s just gonna be a big slow tedious pain in the butt wading through all those invites to see if I actually know them and rejecting the stupid app-spam come-ons and trying to think whether I care about joining this group and that. Time is not on my side.


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From: John Cowan (Dec 05 2007, at 19:12)

You know too many people. Take Dr. Johnson's comment on the subject:

"Mrs. Montagu has dropt me. Now, sir, there are people whom one should like very well to drop, but would not wish to be dropped by."


From: len (Dec 06 2007, at 06:17)

It's more likely that too many people know him, John, or think they do. Such is the cost of fame in any endeavour. The distant relationships fold into familar presumptions.

There are three options:

1. Get a handler. An entourage insulates.

2. Use the podium to piss the right nodes off. Amplifiers enrage as well as regale.

3. Invent a bot delete key.

The whole advantage for social networks was to build a selective set of selectors. Choice of choices yet again, but what is difference in that and option 1?


From: Carolyn (Dec 06 2007, at 18:08)

Tim, the November 27, 2007 Wall Street Journal has an article titled "Email's Friendly Fire" mentioning companies that provide email sorting tools. If you'd like the article I can send you the link as I subscribe to wsj.com.

Some companies mentioned: ClearContext, Seriousity Inc. Xobni Corp.


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