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No Leopard · Not for me, for a while any­how. It turns out that Light­room has dif­fi­cul­ties, and not on­ly is Ja­va 6 miss­ing, ap­par­ent­ly Ja­va 5 is dam­aged. The two highest-value pro­grams I run on this pup­py are NetBeans and Light­room, so this kind of hits me where I live. As it stands now, the Mac is gen­er­al­ly speak­ing a su­perb server-side developers’ plat­for­m, be­cause it’s Unix un­der the cov­ers and be­cause all the UI and house­keep­ing is de­cent and Just Work­s, not sub­tract­ing time from what mat­ter­s. But you know, the largest sin­gle group of server-side soft­ware de­vel­op­ers still lives in the Ja­va world, and they won’t be go­ing to Leop­ard un­til Leop­ard comes to them. Not, per­hap­s, a big de­mo­graph­ic. But an in­flu­en­tial one I think. [Up­date: I’ve seen sev­er­al con­tri­bu­tion­s, for ex­am­ple this from Adri­an Sut­ton, say­ing that Ja­va 5 on Leop­ard is just fine, thank you. That’s a re­lief.]
上海: Shanghai City Temple · It’s near the fa­mous Yuyuan Gar­den, in the shop­ping dis­trict that sur­rounds it. “It’s Old Shanghai” Doris said of the area, and she was right ...
WF XI: Results · This is the eleventh progress re­port from the Wide Fin­der Pro­ject; I’ll use it as the re­sults ac­cu­mu­la­tor, up­dat­ing it in place even if I go on to write more on the sub­jec­t, which seems very like­ly. [Up­date: Your new lead­er: Per­l.] ...
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