It’s near the famous Yuyuan Garden, in the shopping district that surrounds it. “It’s Old Shanghai” Doris said of the area, and she was right.

The Temple’s Web site has a pretty nice Flash intro; I found its URI on the admission ticket.

City Temple of Shanghai Ticket

It’s a nice little temple; I resisted the temptation to buy and burn some incense, but enough people were that I had to time photos between clouds of smoke. There were lots of signs in several languages telling people not to take their burning incense inside either the cloister or the temple and they still had to have a guy sitting in a chair full-time to yell at the people who did anyhow.

Here’s the main temple sanctuary and part of the skyline.

Shanghai City Temple
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Skyline of the Shanghai City Temple cloister

Here are details of the wall paintings inside the main temple. They’re kind of blurry and dim; the poor old Pentax was being pushed to the max.

Shanghai City Temple wall paintings
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Shanghai City Temple wall paintings

I’d say the neighborhood in general and the Temple in particular are worth visiting if you’re in Shanghai. The shopping district around it is interesting but crowded and busy, and so were all my pictures. Plus, of course, lots of opportunities to buy knock-off Rolexes.

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