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Atomic · Today’s big Atom news is from Joseph Scot­t, who was on the long-weekend shift with Pete Lacey and Sam Ru­by and I, pound­ing WP2.3’s APP-server code in­to shape. He has writ­ten HTTP Ba­sic Authen­ti­ca­tion, A Tale of AtomPub, WordPress, PHP, Apache, CGI and SSL/TLS; the ti­tle is ap­pro­pri­ate­ly long, as this is a very meaty piece that I bet will be read many times in the near to medi­um fu­ture by some­one puz­zled and frus­trat­ed by some com­bi­na­tion of Apache, PHP, and au­then­ti­ca­tion re­quire­ments. Wel­l, yes, the prob­lems popped up in the con­text of Atom­pub and WordPress, but there’s noth­ing spe­cif­ic to the pro­to­col or the pro­duc­t; it’s a big messy ug­ly cor­ner of Web tech­nol­o­gy ...
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NB6b1 · Which is to say, NetBeans 6.0 Be­ta 1 is out. Looks pret­ty good so far, they even re­vised the Borg Cube lo­go. I’ve got a cou­ple tabs with .rb files open, and three more that end in .h and .c. I un­der­stand it can be used with Ja­va too ...
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