So, hey, it’s the last weekend before school starts and everything gets real again. So we should be kicking back, right? As in, working on Atom Protocol and WordPress.

Leading the charge has been Pete Lacey, who’s taken this on and, starting with Elias Torres’ code, put a great big butt-load of work into it. Sitting at the center and co-ordinating it all is Sam Ruby, who’s already reported, but that was Thursday and it wasn’t till late Sunday that we got the Ape error count down to zero.

From the WordPress side of things, Joseph Scott patiently explained things and shepherded the process along.

I sat in the background and translated some less-than transparent complaints from the Ape, patched it up when some piece of WordPress weirdness provoked the dreaded “Ape fall down go boom” message, and otherwise cheerled.

Anyhow, WordPress 2.3 is going to be a first-rate Atom Protocol server.

[Update: Heh, here it is 9:27PM on Monday, and now we’re getting some deep weirdness going on in testing against PHP4 as opposed to PHP5. The beat goes on...]


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From: Michael C. Harris (Sep 04 2007, at 19:21)

Out of interest and wondering if anyone else is excited about this, did the APE get much of a workout from others testing the WordPress beta?


From: Tim Bray (Sep 04 2007, at 20:33)

Michael: It's tough to tell, since anyone can download the Ape and run it locally, and both Sam and Photomatt's Joseph Scott did.

A glance at the logfiles going back a few days sees 156 Ape runs from 19 different hosts. That's actually quite a lot; it rarely take more than one or two Ape runs to zero in on a server-side bug. Wow, some person in Montréal ran it like 40 times.


From: Michael C. Harris (Sep 05 2007, at 21:15)

I would expect that most people testing WordPress AtomPub with the Ape would use your web interface for testing, at least at first. It would be interesting to know what issues people are trying to solve with multiple runs of the Ape. A small FAQ may be handy before the public release; I'll see if I can find somewhere sensible to start one. Neither of the two problems that I've encountered had anything to do with the implementation itself (HTTP authentication not working when PHP is running as a CGI, and PUT and DELETE not working, still haven't worked out why, likely I'm doing something stupid).


From: Michael C. Harris (Sep 05 2007, at 22:55)

A temporary home for a WordPress AtomPub FAQ,


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