Yesterday I asked if there were a way to update my online status in Twitter & Facebook & my chat client all at once. Yesterday, there was (on the Mac anyhow): MoodBlast. Today there isn’t; Facebook apparently shut ’em down. It strikes me as always wrong, as couldn’t-possibly-be-right, to take an action which decreases the quality of the user experience with your product. Well, for now, I still have the good old MoodBlast. But I gotta say, a couple more experiences like that and I’m just not gonna care about updating Facebook.


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From: Yuri Schimke (Sep 08 2007, at 22:49)

It is such a shame, that Facebook is such a great service and despicable company.

I think it was Dare Osabanjo who pointed out they scrape other sites (against TOS), but crack down on anyone doing it to them.

But in general, the things they do to lock in users, make the social network more valuable. The annoying emails, that force you to login instead of an RSS feed.

There is nothing new there, there are open equivalents of all the useful functionality, but its viral and for the massses. Which make its so effective.


From: Michael (Sep 09 2007, at 02:35)

Interesting... I only just got MoodBlast damnit !

Yeah - nasty practices from facebook. Perhaps another Napoleonic leader in the making over there?

Now, let this serve as a lesson to anyone who thinks of using facebook as a platform. (And yes, you will always need to push the edges of APIs to get anything of value done).


From: Kim (Sep 09 2007, at 03:24)

Am I the only one who's sceptical about handing your social life over to a company run by a 23 year old?


From: Austin (Sep 09 2007, at 07:25)

I quite agree, Tim. I was finding that I am typically updating Twitter often, but rarely going to my Facebook homepage to edit my status. With the presence of MoodBlast, I had modified my Facebook information to not show my twitters in my feed. Now, I am going to revert that and may just point people to look at my Twitter feed instead for status updates.

FB is being stupid here. FB isn't that valuable to me.


From: anon (Sep 09 2007, at 10:06)

It's my opinion that Facebook's only intention is to become the next MySpace, *not* to contribute anything new or original. They sacrifice convenience for marketing ploys to keep you interactive. I don't think they'll last much longer if enough talented and creative organizations decide to give them a good fight.


From: Aristotle Pagaltzis (Sep 09 2007, at 13:48)

> Am I the only one who's sceptical about handing your social life over to a company run by a 23 year old?

What makes a 46 year old any more trustworthy?


From: John Mena (Sep 10 2007, at 06:41)

The next Friendster. Just a matter of when.


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