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Facebook Error · Yes­ter­day I asked if there were a way to up­date my on­line sta­tus in Twit­ter & Face­book & my chat client all at on­ce. Yes­ter­day, there was (on the Mac any­how): MoodBlast. To­day there isn’t; Face­book ap­par­ent­ly shut ’em down. It strikes me as al­ways wrong, as couldn’t-possibly-be-right, to take an ac­tion which de­creas­es the qual­i­ty of the us­er ex­pe­ri­ence with your pro­duc­t. Wel­l, for now, I still have the good old MoodBlast. But I got­ta say, a cou­ple more ex­pe­ri­ences like that and I’m just not gonna care about up­dat­ing Face­book.
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