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Gripes · Are there any Facebook apps that aren’t pathetically lame? Just wondering. Also wondering, why do I have to update my Facebook status, my Twitter status, and my chat status in three different places? Which means that usually I don’t. [Update: Wanna change your status just once for everwhere? MoodBlast is da bomb! Thanks, Dion.]
UnGigs · Being a list of some cool events that I’m going to but not speaking at, or not going to but unhappy about. Item: I’m going to both RubyConf and ApacheCon, but I have no attention of climbing on a stage, I’m there to listen and learn and schmooze. Item: I’m not going to QCon San Francisco, even though they invited me in the nicest way and it looks like a great program and good people. Just couldn’t make it work. Item: I’m not going to the Colorado Software Summit (I committed to the Shanghai gig) and this one breaks my heart, it looks like an outstanding program. Item: I’m not going to Grails eXchange 2007 because I’m signed up for that Midwest trip. A pity, that background Groovy buzz isn’t letting up at all; glad to see there’ll be Sun people there.
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Hear Us Roar · I have repeatedly groused in this space (and from the stage at one conference or another) about the horrible gender imbalance in our profession, but I’ve never actually, you know, done anything constructive. Tatiana Apandi over at O’Reilly has: check out Women in Technology.
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