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iPad Photography · My Mom is vis­it­ing and I’ve been tak­ing ad­van­tage of my un­em­ploy­ment to tour her around some of Vancouver’s tourist spot­s. Where you find tourist­s, tak­ing pic­tures. With ev­ery­thing from fan­cy high-end cam­eras to iPad­s. Yes, peo­ple do use tablets as cam­eras. But... on­ly wom­en ...
Moving the Gender Needle · I’ve been moan­ing for years, in pub­lic fo­rums and on this blog, about the hor­ri­ble gen­der im­bal­ance in the soft­ware tribe: the wom­en are miss­ing. I’m de­pressed be­cause, nu­mer­i­cal­ly, things haven’t got­ten any bet­ter. But there are grounds for op­ti­mis­m, just may­be ...
Voices of Northern Women · Last month I had the im­mense plea­sure of at­tend­ing North­ern Voice 2012. This is the eighth year of Vancouver’s own lit­tle blogging-and-social-media con­fer­ence, dis­tin­guished by a res­o­lute re­fusal to con­sid­er the busi­ness (or any oth­er non-personal) di­men­sions of the thing. It got me think­ing about gen­der is­sues, so here are thoughts on those. With pic­tures ...
No, Women Don’t · I just saw a wit­ty tweet go by, about the dif­fer­ent rea­sons why men and wom­en go in­to pol­i­tic­s. It’s wrong ...
Nastiness · This is sad­den­ing stuff. At a re­cent Ru­by con­fer­ence (that I’m not go­ing to name be­cause it wasn’t their fault­), a speak­er (whom I’m not go­ing to name for rea­sons of taste) had porn-flavored slides in his pre­sen­ta­tion; peo­ple were of­fend­ed and said so. Some in the Rails com­mu­ni­ty, in­clud­ing its lead­er, pushed back hard, in a way that of­fend­ed many more peo­ple. If you haven’t been fol­low­ing the sto­ry, I think Martin Fowler’s SmutOnRails has a good ag­gre­ga­tion of links, and al­so I agree with most of his com­men­tary. I’m go­ing to add two ob­ser­va­tion­s, one link, and some rec­om­men­da­tion­s ...
Cargo Carriers · It’s not ob­vi­ous why the at­tach­ment of bas­kets to bi­cy­cles should be gender-related, but in fact one ob­serves that 100% of the bi­cy­cles with bas­kets on the front han­dle­bars are rid­den by wom­en. In fact I find the ef­fect fem­i­nine and charm­ing, but I sus­pect that’s be­cause of the rid­er­s.
OpenWeb and PHP and Women · I had fun to­day speak­ing at Open Web Van­cou­ver 2008, and even more fun lis­ten­ing to Zak Gre­ant, who was on just be­fore me. He’s a fine speak­er, I rec­om­mend him for any geek­fest. Here’s what caught my eye: there were way more wom­en in the au­di­ence, pro­por­tion­al­ly, than I’ve seen at any Ru­by or Rails or Ja­va even­t ...
Hear Us Roar · I have re­peat­ed­ly groused in this space (and from the stage at one con­fer­ence or an­oth­er) about the hor­ri­ble gen­der im­bal­ance in our pro­fes­sion, but I’ve nev­er ac­tu­al­ly, you know, done any­thing con­struc­tive. Ta­tiana Apan­di over at O’Reilly has: check out Women in Tech­nol­o­gy.
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Tab Sweep — The World · Tonight we have the great Au­dio Con­flict of In­ter­est, eBay Pain, Ira­ni­an pol­i­tic­s, Chi­nese macroe­co­nomic­s, new Is­rael/Pales­tine hor­ror, men vs. wom­en, and the big debt prob­lem. Uni­fy­ing themes are for weak­lings; the world’s not like that ...
More on Missing Women · This con­ver­sa­tion stays in­ter­est­ing, and for me, has start­ed to get very close to home. [Up­date: If you care about this, there is lots of juicy in­put (much of which I dis­agree with) in the com­ments. Al­so check out the con­tri­bu­tions from Dave Meg­gin­son and es­pe­cial­ly “game­hawk”.]  ...
devChix · Check out de­vChix. Since I am giv­en both to pub­lic lamen­ta­tion about single-gender geek cul­ture and ob­ses­sive in­ter­est in dy­nam­ic lan­guages, I am pret­ty much ex­act­ly their tar­get au­di­ence (a­side from be­ing, well, male, but let’s not quib­ble). There is cur­rent­ly much ado around the bl­o­go­sphere over Let’s All Evolve Past This: The Bar­ri­ers Women Face in Tech Com­mu­ni­ties. I had some fair­ly strong re­ac­tions to the piece, but I think I’ll sit on them for now; it’s weighty, ad­dress­es a sub­ject that mat­ter­s, and de­serves not on­ly read­ing, but some care­ful con­sid­er­a­tion. Oh, and if you Just Don’t Care about this whole missing-women thing, vis­it de­vChix any­how and read RUBY: DRY up your Enu­mer­a­tions. Good stuff.
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