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Heartbreak Hotel · On the one hand, there’s Elvis’ 1956 version, with the small band and lots of screaming. On the other hand, there’s this 1990 version with neither Elvis nor screaming, but with John Cale, Shawn Colvin, and Richard Thompson. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Well actually, it’s all free, of course. What a wonderful world.
Upcoming Gig: Midwest Java Days · I’ll be doing the opening keynotes at the Midwest Java Technology Days in Minneapolis and Chicago on October 16th and 18th respectively. There’s an amusing story behind this one ...
Upcoming Gig: Shanghai · I’ve signed up to do a couple of presentations at our Tech Days events; the first is in Shanghai, October 23-25. I’ve been to Hong Kong lots but never to the PRC proper; exciting! Obviously I’ll have to pull together some other things to do if I’m going all the way across the Pacific.
Website Gems · It’s hard for corporate Web sites to be interesting. My feeling is that generally, you’d like them to make it easy for people to find what they need, and otherwise get out of the way. Having said that, there are two Sun-Web things that, just in the last week, gave me a big smile. First, FOSS Open Hardware Documentation. One of the major obstacles faced by the people who build Free and Open-Source operating systems (i.e. us, the penguinistas, and the BSDers) is getting the hardware builders to publish specs; historically, they’ve been frightened of those weird open-source hippies. Well, we’re a hardware builder, and that page is trying to aggregate all the specs that kernel-builders might need. Simon Phipps tells me that this is a big job, with lots of legal due-diligence, and it’ll never be complete. But at least a good start. Second, check out this screencast about wikis.sun.com. When this went by in the internal email I skipped it—who’d watch a screencast about a wiki? But hey, it’s good, check it out.
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