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Zero · IBM’s Project Zero looks refreshing and sane; I wonder if the people still struggling in the WSDL swamp will be allowed to take the Zero Option. Of course, there’s this, from the About Project Zero page: “Commercial means that this is not an open source project.” [Emphasis theirs]. But... uh... isn’t... what about... oh, never mind.
Finding Things · That’s the title of my chapter in Beautiful Code, which seems now to be out, not that I’ve actually seen a copy. What’s amusing me today is that Finding Things is the chapter they’ve picked to post as a free PDF download. So, in the event that you’re interested in the subject but don’t care about what Kernihan and Bentley and Petzold and Stein and Dongarra and Cantrill and Matsumoto and all the others have to say, you can avoiding buying the book and doing Amnesty International a favor. I have to say that the Table of Contents looks pretty impressive.
The Number of the Rose · The title refers obviously to the Umberto Eco work which anyone who cares about knowledge and its preservation ought to read if only for fun; but the picture refers only to itself. With exegesis from Larry Wall. [Oh, my; give this audience a chance to indulge in linguistic pedantry and, well, you don’t have to ask twice. If you like this kind of stuff, don’t miss the comments.] ...
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