That’s the title of my chapter in Beautiful Code, which seems now to be out, not that I’ve actually seen a copy. What’s amusing me today is that Finding Things is the chapter they’ve picked to post as a free PDF download. So, in the event that you’re interested in the subject but don’t care about what Kernihan and Bentley and Petzold and Stein and Dongarra and Cantrill and Matsumoto and all the others have to say, you can avoiding buying the book and doing Amnesty International a favor. I have to say that the Table of Contents looks pretty impressive.


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From: Bryant Cutler (Jul 02 2007, at 20:02)

I know nothing's more annoying than people pointing out errata just *after* a book is published, but should "competes" be "completes" in the first paragraph on page 54 ("Binary Search Trade-offs")?


From: Scott Johnson (Jul 03 2007, at 14:37)

Looks like a good bunch of authors there. I look forward to picking up my copy.


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