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Berlin Next Week? · Lau­ren and I and the two kids will be va­ca­tion­ing in Ber­lin be­tween the 3rd and 9th of Ju­ly, most­ly to at­tend a wed­ding. Any­one want to get to­geth­er for a (child-friendly) beer? [Up­date: Looks like there’s mo­men­tum for a small-scale geeks (& kid­s, re­mem­ber) get-together, say early-evening Wed. Ju­ly 4th. Change of plan due to Ber­lin folk hav­ing busy Wed­nes­days; we’ll do an af­ter­noon and ear­ly din­ner thing, with kid­s, on Sun­day Ju­ly 8th, start­ing at 3PM. Let’s let Tom­ster or­ga­nize the de­tail­s.] [Fi­nal sync-up: We’re meet­ing at Alois S at 3PM Sun­day.]
Nexus · I trav­el more than I’d like, so I just in­vest­ed $80 and a cou­ple of hours of my time in get­ting a Nexus card. Ac­tu­al­ly, it’s on­ly maybe a quar­ter of the time that I roll up to ei­ther the US or Cana­di­an im­mi­gra­tion and face the dread­ed long-lineup sce­nar­i­o; but those times are painful. [Up­date: Jeep­er­s, it’s get­ting hot in the com­ments; check it out­.] ...
Tab Sweep—Tech · Let’s start with Python. First of al­l, Guido’s lengthy Python 3000 Sta­tus Up­date (Long!). A lit­tle bird tells me they’re go­ing to use UTF-16 in­ter­nal­ly. I’m hor­ri­fied, that seems egre­gious­ly wrong, but Guido’s no fool. Al­so from Pytho­ni­a: Djan­go sta­tus up­date: June 26. Just be­cause the world is breath­ing all heavy over Ru­by these days doesn’t mean Python’s less in­ter­est­ing. If Ru­by van­ished to­mor­row I could trans­fer my world to Python with fair­ly lit­tle pain. And my code would run faster too ...
Alex and Rosemary’s Garden · The oth­er day we had tea in the gar­den lov­ing­ly tend­ed by Rose­mary and Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, and I took pic­tures ...
Tab Sweep—The World · I guess these oc­ca­sion­al link blasts are an in­te­gral part of Web cul­ture. Warn­ing: one of these is ter­ri­bly sad ...
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