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JRuby IRC Koan · On the #jru­by IRC chan­nel, a well-known JRu­by com­mit­ter was heard to ut­ter the fol­low­ing: this is the in­stance of place which har­bors the method we are in­vok­ing which may not re­al­ly be self at point it is call­ing. And it was in the mid­dle of the day, too.
Names · Lau­ren has a prob­lem: it’s “about what to name the thing that names names”.
NetNewsWire, Children, and Caesar · The prob­lem is, these days, that my in­put queues are jammed up. I’m read­ing Cae­sar: Life of a Colos­sus by Adri­an Goldswor­thy and it’s very good, but it’s aw­ful­ly big and thick and dense. And my time for read­ing is tight be­cause, af­ter al­l, I’m mar­ried with two chil­dren and al­so I’m try­ing to read the In­ter­net, or at least that huge lit­tle piece of it where peo­ple care about the things I do. And on that sub­jec­t, once again I just have to plug NetNewsWire. I’ve tried a ton of news­read­ers on a ton of plat­form­s. Google’s blog read­er is pret­ty good, and so are a cou­ple of the oth­er clients, but NetNewsWire just shows you more stuff in less time with few­er keystrokes. Years ago I pre­dict­ed that feed-reading would have been sucked in­to the brows­er by now, but I was wrong. So be­tween that and Cae­sar, and day-to-day job work, and a grungy un­ex­cit­ing com­pli­cat­ed fill-a-hole-in-the-ecosystem pro­gram­ming pro­jec­t, well, I have Wiki­nomics and Every­thing is Mis­cel­la­neous and REST­ful Web Ser­vices and the Pro­gram­ming Er­lang PDF star­ing ac­cus­ing­ly at me from the shad­ows. Blame Julius Cae­sar and Brent Sim­mon­s.
New 21mm Lens · Still in the grip of Prime Lens Ma­nia (“prime” means no zoom), I ven­tured in­to the wilds of eBay and picked up a Pen­tax smc 21mm P-DA F3.2, in the­o­ry the per­fect com­pan­ion to the 40mm “Pancake”. With il­lus­tra­tions and a cat-blogging bonus ...
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