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Rain · Our winter is now sufficiently bad to be a national news story. It’s rained 19 of the last 23 days, and there’s a heavy-downpour warning over at Environment Canada. To make things more interesting, the snowpack on the mountains is melting, so the rivers are rising. The scenario that nobody wants to think about is when you get a monster rainstorm at the same time as a really big snowpack runoff crest and then that coincides with a big high tide. There are some parts of Vancouver you really wouldn’t want to be in were that to happen. But we don’t live in one and anyhow, Spring has be almost here... right?
Summer of Code · I really have to salute Google’s Summer of Code; in every open-source community I listen to, without exception, there are SoC rumbles going around. One community asked me to help a bit, and I’m happy to: OpenOffice.org has had really good experiences with SoC and wants to do even more; they’re looking for students and ideas and if you build something useful, the way OpenOffice and ODF are growing, you have a chance of getting your work on a whole lotta desktops. Check it out!
The Signal · I often listen to the radio as I sit up in the evening after everyone else has gone to bed. By radio I mean CBC Radio 2, which used to be called CBC FM. They’re famous for classical, but for some time now have had a decent jazz program, After Hours, starting at ten. No longer. A couple of nights I turned it on and now it’s The Signal - With Laurie Brown. I was hopelessly smitten with Laurie Brown many years ago when she was simultaneously the hottest and smartest VJ on MuchMusic (Canada’s MTV), and this during those fifteen Eighties minutes when videos mattered. In any case, The Signal is promising; it’s doing contemporary music without much concern for genres. But you know, it could lighten up a bit; that first night, there was some Björk and some interesting guitar noise and then something called (I’m not making this up) Completely Embraced by the Beauty of Emptiness. Eventually I had no choice but to turn off the radio and put on some ZZ Top. But then I listened again Thursday and they played Dharma at Big Sur, a 2003 work by John Adams that I’d never heard, and hey, it’s great, going to have to get it. Check out Radio 2, they’re online, although I can’t get it to play on Camino, grumph.
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