Our winter is now sufficiently bad to be a national news story. It’s rained 19 of the last 23 days, and there’s a heavy-downpour warning over at Environment Canada. To make things more interesting, the snowpack on the mountains is melting, so the rivers are rising. The scenario that nobody wants to think about is when you get a monster rainstorm at the same time as a really big snowpack runoff crest and then that coincides with a big high tide. There are some parts of Vancouver you really wouldn’t want to be in were that to happen. But we don’t live in one and anyhow, Spring has be almost here... right?


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From: PatrickQG (Mar 23 2007, at 22:54)

I jokingly said I see a colleague on Monday, assuming our (Hastings & Granville) office building hasn't been washed into the harbour.

Indeed, the weather in Vancouver has been rather damp of late. The answer to the question "I left my umbrella in the office/house, should I go back and get it" has either been a sensible yes, or no followed by being very sorry and wet.


From: Lars Marius Garshol (Mar 24 2007, at 01:02)

About a month ago the city of Bergen (in western Norway) had its first non-rainy day after 84 consecutive days of rain. It got to the point where locals started talking about "blue clouds" when they say holes in the lid of clouds covering the city.


From: Anthony B. Coates (Mar 24 2007, at 10:37)

In my home town of Brisbane (Australia), the dams have been virtually without rain for at least 4 years now. They have just introduced "level 5" water restrictions, which are the toughest they've ever had to bring in. They would be thrilled to have 19 days of good rain right now. Actually, Australia being what it is, when the drought does break, it may well be with a flood (and Brisbane is built on a flood plain).

Cheers, Tony.


From: Aristotle Pagaltzis (Mar 24 2007, at 17:05)

It’s all because there is no global warming.


From: David Smith (Mar 24 2007, at 20:12)

No global warming? Don't be foolish.

There's been global warming now for several years, ever since the global cooling stopped, which followed the global warming, that - you get the idea.

One advantage of living long enough is you get to see these things come and go yourself...and then come back.


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