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Shellflower III · Oo­h, I got the Waterhouse-Hayward tech­nique work­ing with the flatbed scan­ner; it’s won­der­ful! Check out what hap­pens when a dead mol­lusk col­lab­o­rates with sev­er­al years of in­tense sur­f. [Series in­tro here.] ...
Samsung WEP-200 · The WEP-200 is a Blue­tooth head­set, I use it with both my Sam­sung phone and my Mac (works great for Skype). I’d whole­heart­ed­ly rec­om­mend it, as­sum­ing you find it com­fy in your ear. It’s small enough that you have a lit­tle less of the cy­borg look when you walk down the street con­nect­ed, elegant-looking, has great sound, and seems to most­ly Just Work ...
Wobble and Laswell: Radioaxiom · What hap­pened was, I was think­ing of lis­ten­ing to some­thing by Jah Wob­ble, long one of my mu­si­cal heroes, and the W’s are down at the bot­tom right of the thou­sands of CDs so you have to bend and stretch to see them, and lo and be­hold, what do I come across but Ra­dioax­iom by Mr W and Bill Laswell, which I not on­ly don’t re­call buy­ing but to­tal­ly can’t even re­mem­ber ev­er hav­ing heard of. I’ve lis­tened to it three nights in a row now ...
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