What happened was, I was thinking of listening to something by Jah Wobble, long one of my musical heroes, and the W’s are down at the bottom right of the thousands of CDs so you have to bend and stretch to see them, and lo and behold, what do I come across but Radioaxiom by Mr W and Bill Laswell, which I not only don’t recall buying but totally can’t even remember ever having heard of. I’ve listened to it three nights in a row now.

The subtitle is A Dub Transmission and yep, it’s dub all right; if you don’t want to read occasional ravings about good dub then you’re reading the wrong blog.

Since Wobble comes before Laswell, out of alphabetical order, on the cover, we can assume, as with scientific papers, that he was in the lead. The listening experience would support that hypothesis, with distinctively-Wobbley interjections from sweet although pentatonic Asian-flavored female singers.

Best appreciated with the help of a decent subwoofer.


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From: Bob Hutchison (Mar 18 2007, at 07:48)

Thanks for the tip! I've downloaded it. There are other CDs by Wobble and Laswell, it sounds as though you are not familiar with them?


From: mcburton (Mar 18 2007, at 14:03)

I am so happy to hear another soul send a shout out to Radioaxiom, I love that disc...


From: Thom (Mar 21 2007, at 11:38)

That's a great CD that I haven't listened to in a while (which describes much of my collection). Laswell + Wobble = Mucho Bass.

I really need to upgrade my sound system.


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