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APP-12 · That would be the twelfth draft of the Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col spec. We’ll be ask­ing for IETF last call on this draft. I’m pret­ty sure that the fi­nal prod­uct will look about like this. I wouldn’t be sur­prised if the IETF pro­cess patched a cou­ple of se­cu­ri­ty over­sights or un­cov­ered a cou­ple of cor­ner cas­es; nor would I be sur­prised if it didn’t. But I think that im­ple­men­tors who run with this will be pret­ty safe; mind you, there are a lot out there who didn’t wait this long; and they de­serve our thanks. As do the ed­i­tors and the good peo­ple in the Work­ing Group; this has been most­ly a pret­ty good trip. [Up­date: Some Atom-protocol news I had hang­ing around wait­ing to blog: Dave John­son links to sev­er­al im­ple­men­ta­tions, and Elias Tor­res tells of a quick­ie.]
Christmas Pictures · Another Christ­mas in the bo­som of the fam­i­ly; we got all of Jean Bray’s chil­dren, their spous­es, and her grand­chil­dren to­geth­er, which we don’t man­age of­ten enough, in Cal­gar­y. Like many oth­er­s, I find with ev­ery year that pass­es that the peo­ple seem more im­por­tan­t, the eat­ing and drink­ing and so on less; but I got an out­stand­ing pre­sen­t ...
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