My mother Jean Bray is an avid gardener who contends mightily with the Saskatchewan climate (zone 2B for aficionados); her space is in summer always a delight to the eyes.

Let’s start with a bit of exuberance, a gloriosa daisy.

Gloriosa Daisy

Mom is heavily attracted to pastels and the shades of blue, the former far from my own tastes and the latter intrinsically difficult. I’ve published photos of the lilies she gave us, but her own are well worth a look.

Lily blossom

The back of the house is now covered with rank upon rank of hollyhocks, the softest, sweetest tints imaginable.

Hollyhock blossom

The yard in general is a busy place, as are the hollyhocks in particular. This fellow was wildly energetic and, judging by the load he’s carrying, making out like a bandit.

Bee in hollyhock blossom

But the highlight of my mother’s garden is, of course, my mother.

Jean Bray in her garden

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