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A Light · A pho­to­graph of a light ...
Bad Weather · You don’t re­al­ly ex­pect much from the weath­er up here in the Novem­ber Pa­cif­ic North­west, but boy, it’s been bru­tal. We’re way past the av­er­age rain­fall for the month and we’ll prob­a­bly set a record; enough Wed­nes­day to dump land­slides in­to the reser­voirs and now we’re all drink­ing boiled wa­ter. Trees down in the wind, and a four-story steel-frame build­ing un­der con­struc­tion. No­body hurt on that one—it was at night—but you got­ta feel sor­ry for the guys who showed up to work on the site in the morn­ing. I took a pic­ture out­side my of­fice ...
Radio Delíro · I’m hav­ing trou­ble, this dingy Fri­day af­ter­noon, with episod­ic ran­dom de­fo­cus­ing. I don’t lis­ten to mu­sic when there’s a chance of se­ri­ous work hap­pen­ing; right now I’m tuned in­to Ra­dio Delíro, whose front page says Ra­dio Déliro, basée sur les préférences mu­si­cales de Roland Moreno, est animée et programmée par Syl­vain Robert. I’ve nev­er heard of ei­ther of M. Moreno or M. Robert, but I sure like the mu­sic they pick. It’s de­li­cious­ly eclec­tic, which in prac­tice means ridicu­lous­ly corny some­times; but in a good way. Just now they were play­ing the Don Fried­man Trio per­form­ing You Must Believe in Spring, which is ap­pro­pri­ate giv­en what’s go­ing on out­side.
Streaming-Only Hah Hah · You re­al­ly have to snick­er at YouTube try­ing to sup­press tools that let you cap­ture video to disk. Les­sig is amus­ing on the sub­jec­t. Uh, just in case there are one or two peo­ple in the uni­verse who still don’t know: if you post video to YouTube (or to any­where else on the We­b), it can be cap­tured and down­load­ed and it will be cap­tured and down­load­ed and no lawyer in the world, how­ev­er ex­pen­sive and threat­en­ing, can stop this hap­pen­ing. Deal with it.
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