You don’t really expect much from the weather up here in the November Pacific Northwest, but boy, it’s been brutal. We’re way past the average rainfall for the month and we’ll probably set a record; enough Wednesday to dump landslides into the reservoirs and now we’re all drinking boiled water. Trees down in the wind, and a four-story steel-frame building under construction. Nobody hurt on that one—it was at night—but you gotta feel sorry for the guys who showed up to work on the site in the morning. I took a picture outside my office.

Bad weather in Vancouver

It gets dark early; this is about 4PM (egregiously Photoshopped).

To make things worse, they’re building new sidewalks on the street where my office is; there’s another bunch of construction workers to feel sorry for. The store downstairs is having a “We have no sidewalk sale”.

Things have to get better.


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From: Mike (Nov 17 2006, at 20:24)

Man I've only been in the area (North Delta) for 2 months and we've been without power twice (8hours and 30 hours). And, apparently, it's not safe to drink the water. It seems too that traffic safety laws aren't very rigorously enforced.

What sort of thrid world country did I move to?


From: Bob Aman (Nov 20 2006, at 08:58)

When I was in Vancouver, it was the tiny, tiny lanes on your roads that got to me. Traffic seemed fine. What do you guys do when there's a tractor trailer truck with an oversize load?


From: Paul Clapham (Nov 20 2006, at 18:22)

I just came back from vacation (I live in Vancouver), and I was telling people at the office about driving in Swaziland.

Me: The lanes are ridiculously narrow, and there are overloaded trucks and bad drivers speeding by.

Co-worker: Oh, like the Pattullo Bridge then.


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