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Blogging Surfing Lawyer · And not just any lawyer, ei­ther. Mike Dil­lon, our Ex­ec­u­tive Vice Pres­i­den­t, Gen­er­al Coun­sel and Cor­po­rate Sec­re­tary, has joined the bl­o­go­sphere. I’ve talked to some of our at­tor­neys and it turns out there are prac­ti­cal rea­sons why it’s tough for a cor­po­rate lawyer to blog about their work; so it’s re­al­ly ter­rif­ic that Mike’s tak­ing the plunge. I sus­pect he won’t be shar­ing any juicy lit­i­ga­tion de­tail­s, but a fresh voice in the con­ver­sa­tion is an un­am­bigu­ous­ly good thing; I’ll be lis­ten­ing.
Granddaughter and Snake · Here’s a re­mark­able pho­to­graph from Alex Waterhouse-Hayward.
On Names · The W3C Tech­ni­cal Ar­chi­tec­ture Group, on which I had the hon­our to serve for a cou­ple of years, is work­ing on a doc­u­ment called URNs, Names­paces, and Registries. Norm Wal­sh, long­time TAG mem­ber, has writ­ten a human-readable ver­sion, and I rec­om­mend it. The ques­tion of how to name things is per­sis­tent­ly one of the hard­est in Com­put­er Science, and one of the rea­sons the Web suc­ceeds is that it does a pret­ty good job, us­ing URIs. If you’re think­ing “Doesn’t he re­al­ly mean URL?”, check out The Univer­sal Repub­lic of Love). How­ev­er, ev­ery so of­ten a group of peo­ple says “Hey, URIs be­gin­ning with http: are ad­dress­es, not names, and we need names, per­sis­tent names, so we’ll in­vent a new URI scheme.” They are near­ly al­ways wrong; it takes a whole lot of think­ing about the no­tions of names and ad­dress­es to achieve clar­i­ty, and want­ing a new URI scheme is usu­al­ly ev­i­dence that you haven’t. I’ve tried to ex­plain this dozens of times, but I think Norm does a bet­ter job than I ev­er have.
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