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Atom Bits & Pieces · FeedBurner’s FeedFlare API looks in­ter­est­ing. (Ac­tu­al­ly, there are a ton of Web APIs out there look­ing in­ter­est­ing, no­body could keep up­.) But fol­low that link above and search for “Atom”; they’re ab­stract­ing the uni­verse of feed for­mats us­ing Atom 1.0 to give you some­thing con­sis­tent and use­ful to write XPaths again­st. Microsoft’s do­ing the same thing in the IE7 API, but they’re ab­stract­ing to a bas­tardized not-quite-RSS2.0 for­mat they made up them­selves, which is kind of a con­fus­ing thing to do and will make the world learn yet an­oth­er mod­el. Atom’s pop­ping up over in Ning-land too, they’re us­ing the for­mat to ex­pose their ap­pli­ca­tions and data, and are work­ing on mak­ing it all write­able via the Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col (APP). And at ETech I heard about a cou­ple more gueril­la APP im­ple­men­ta­tion­s, at big smart well-known out­fit­s, not com­pre­hen­sive or in­tend­ed for ex­po­sure (yet) to the world, just cooked up in a hur­ry to get some­thing done that need­ed do­ing. My spidey sense is tin­gling.
ETech — On Attention · The con­fer­ence blurb said “It’s time to build The At­ten­tion Econ­o­my”. What’s that, I won­der? The shindig was cer­tain­ly equipped with lots of peo­ple hold­ing forth on the sub­jec­t, so this was my chance to find out. I took to ac­cost­ing to­tal strangers in the hall­ways say­ing “What do you think about this whole ‘Attention’ thing?” ...
ETech — Good Pitches · This is just a pot­pour­ri of pitch­es, specif­i­cal­ly the ones that were good and mem­o­rable. In­cludes rare com­pli­men­ta­ry re­marks about Mi­crosoft tech­nol­o­gy ...
ETech — San Diego Trolley · It’s a nice enough town, but it’s out of the way and, in my ex­pe­ri­ence, not that easy to get around in. The ho­tel was sold out when I tried to get in a cou­ple weeks ago (but some last-minute ar­rivals got in fine, hrumph). Any­how, I end­ed up at a Dou­ble­tree at a place called “Hazard Center” which is bit of a ways out, but when I was driv­ing the rental in I no­ticed some­thing that looked like a train sta­tion across the street. Sure enough, the San Diego Trol­ley will take you from there to the con­ven­tion ho­tel in about 20 min­utes for $1.50, which beats strug­gling through the traf­fic in the car and pay­ing at least ten times that for park­ing. Oddly, the peo­ple on the train were few in num­ber, and they all seemed well-dressed, well-fed, and well-rested; a typical-California eth­nic mashup, and most were read­ing book­s. This isn’t like pub­lic trans­port in oth­er places. On the oth­er hand, when you want to go home af­ter ten at night, the trains run less of­ten, and many of the peo­ple are nei­ther well-dressed, well-fed, nor well-rested (y­ou can tell be­cause they’re asleep­). But the trains aren’t crowd­ed then ei­ther. All in al­l, it seems to be a fine sys­tem.
Family Fun · For my “Atom as a Case Study” pre­sen­ta­tion at ETech, I want­ed to give the au­di­ence a feel for the end­less, wear­ing nas­ti­ness in the syn­di­ca­tion com­mu­ni­ty. It wasn’t hard to find a cou­ple of sam­ples of ig­no­rant child­ish vi­tu­per­a­tion from the week be­fore the con­fer­ence to hold up as ex­am­ples, but I thought that a lit­tle light re­lief was in or­der, too. So I put to­geth­er a pho­tomon­tage slide show to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries, 25 pic­tures of bat­tle­field panora­mas, alien in­vader­s, mon­sters fight­ing, Mex­i­can wrestling, su­per­hero com­bat, slaver­ing vam­pires, fright­ened sol­dier­s, crash­ing planes, fan­ta­sy war­riors with big ug­ly weapon­s, and so on. It was kind of amus­ing, if I say so my­self. After the talk some­one came up and asked “What tag did you use to find that stuff?” It wasn’t like that; back at home on the week­end I was pok­ing around Google and Ya­hoo im­age search look­ing for things like “combat”, “monster”, “explosion“, “battle”, “weapon”, and so on and the six-year-old cruised by and looked at my screen. Boy, was he ev­er hooked. So I set­tled him in­to the chair be­side me and we spent a re­al­ly en­joy­able half-hour cruis­ing the In­ter­net for pic­tures of vi­o­lence and de­struc­tion (Safe Search def­i­nite­ly on). He was quick to pipe up “Ooh, that one, Daddy!” but puz­zled by a cou­ple of my pick­s. Qual­i­ty time, they call it, bond­ing, that kind of thing. Am I a Bad Par­en­t?
ETech — Mark Pilgrim · Hey, I fi­nal­ly got to meet Mark Pil­grim, with whom I’ve had a lengthy and oc­ca­sion­al­ly vexed on­line re­la­tion­ship. This frag­ment is most­ly just an ex­cuse to post a pic­ture ...
More Family Fun · Check out Lauren’s news. Hav­ing a com­bined age in ex­cess of 90 does not con­sti­tute birth con­trol. Ex­pect less from me this sum­mer.
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