Hey, I finally got to meet Mark Pilgrim, with whom I’ve had a lengthy and occasionally vexed online relationship. This fragment is mostly just an excuse to post a picture.

Mark looks remarkably normal and doesn’t dominate a conversation the way he dominates online discourse. A good person, I think, and now engaged full-time on making Firefox more accessible, which is obviously A Good Thing to be working on.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark’s talk on Greasemonkey was low-key, quietly amusing, technically dense, well-constructed. But then there was a side-trip on when to write, from whence these: “Write when you’re filled with wonder.” “If you wait until you’re an expert, it’s too late.” “Write when you can’t not write.”

It’s a pity that he no longer blogs, but what with one mailing list and another, he’s still writing. If I, as promised, add comments to ongoing, he said he’d drop by. This makes me only slightly nervous.

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March 09, 2006
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