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Social · Our third an­nu­al “Lauren and Tim’s New Year’s Day Social” is his­to­ry. Forty or so peo­ple, plus as many as nine si­mul­ta­ne­ous kid­s, went through some pret­ty good cham­pagne, juices, gaz­pa­cho, lentil soup, dip­s, and so on, and did a whole lot of talk­ing. Mar­lowe, who’s now six months old, as­tound­ed us by stick­ing around and chill­ing with the crowd, ap­par­ent­ly en­joy­ing the buz­z. Thanks all for com­ing, and for those who brought bot­tles of wine and oth­er bonus­es, that’s re­al­ly to­tal­ly un­nec­es­sary but thanks any­how. I en­close a pho­to of the af­ter­math ...
TELawrence.net · As a mem­ber of the T. E. Lawrence So­ci­ety and a par­tic­i­pant in the TEL stud­ies mail­ing list, I’m hap­py to an­nounce the ar­rival of telawrence.net. Lawrence died in 1935 and UK copy­right sur­vives its au­thor by 70 years, so his writ­ing is now out of copy­right. This is the work of Jere­my Wil­son, bi­og­ra­pher and stu­dent of TEL, and a fine thing it is; thanks Jere­my! We look for­ward, in the near fu­ture, to the ar­rival of large vol­umes of TEL’s writ­ings; he was pro­lific. I’m pon­der­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty, once things get go­ing, of a TEL pe­ri­od­i­cal along the lines of the Pepys Diary; Lawrence was not a di­arist but he was a pro­lif­ic cor­re­spon­den­t; I sus­pect that the en­try den­si­ty would be plen­ti­ful enough to sup­port a blog for­mat.
Velodyne MiniVee · A year ago last fal­l, we got a plas­ma TV for high-def; 90% of the time it’s on, it’s tuned to a sports even­t. So sound qual­i­ty, even for a con­firmed au­dio wee­nie like me, just wasn’t a big deal, and I plugged in a pair of ex­cel­lent lit­tle PSB Al­pha speak­er­s, $299 or so if I re­call cor­rect­ly, and they were plen­ty good enough. The on­ly prob­lem was, where the TV’s sit­ting there’s hard­ly any room to spare ei­ther side of the screen, and the PSBs stuck out in an ug­ly and awk­ward way. So I dropped by the Box­ing Day sale at Sound Plus, my friend­ly lo­cal high-end sa­lon, and picked up a cou­ple of de­cent lit­tle KEF mini-speakers that fit in be­side the screen and sound per­fect­ly de­cent if you don’t ask them to play any low notes, which I left to a MiniVee sub­woofer from Velo­dyne and I have to say, it’s a hon­ey. Rather than us­ing the spe­cial­ized sub­woofer feed, I ran the preamp-out line-level sig­nals from the nice old NAD in­te­grat­ed amp through the Velo­dyne and back to the power-in, which has the use­ful side-effect of rolling off the sig­nal at 80Hz, so the lit­tle KEFs don’t have to waste en­er­gy try­ing to go where they can’t. The Velo­dyne has a clever cir­cuit where it pow­ers down and wakes up when it sees an in­put sig­nal. It sounds good; not close to the Totem Forests on the big music-only sys­tem; but for the price, re­mark­able. I’m sit­ting here typ­ing this lis­ten­ing to the Am­bi­ent chan­nel from Galax­ie (that’d be chan­nel 904 if you’re on the Star Choice satel­lite), and while ad­mit­ted­ly it’s brain goo not mu­sic, it’s very silky-sounding goo that’s al­so giv­ing me a friend­ly kid­ney mas­sage on the low notes.
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