Our third annual “Lauren and Tim’s New Year’s Day Social” is history. Forty or so people, plus as many as nine simultaneous kids, went through some pretty good champagne, juices, gazpacho, lentil soup, dips, and so on, and did a whole lot of talking. Marlowe, who’s now six months old, astounded us by sticking around and chilling with the crowd, apparently enjoying the buzz. Thanks all for coming, and for those who brought bottles of wine and other bonuses, that’s really totally unnecessary but thanks anyhow. I enclose a photo of the aftermath.

The kitchen after the party

This is about a third of the kitchen counter space; the rest looked the same, the chaos visually impressive. Still, the cleanup is pretty light work by any reasonable standard. I think we’ll go on doing this.

Hint; if you want to throw this kind of an affair and find yourself wondering “What will they drink out of?”, you could rent stuff, but that’s awkward and expensive; or you could go to your local IKEA and load up on very decent champagne flutes and soup bowls at pennies apiece. The choice is obvious.

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January 01, 2006
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