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Sorry, Kids · Starting way last year, I noticed occasional fetches of the big versions of the pictures here at <span class="o">ongoing</span> from places like <a href='http://www.xanga.com/'>xanga</a>, <a href='http://www.livejournal.com/'>LiveJournal</a>, and <a href='http://www.myspace.com/'>MySpace</a>. Turns out it was mostly teenage bloggers using my shots as background images, it seemed harmless, but then the volume went up and up and I did the arithmetic, and it was adding up to many gigabytes a month. So I blocked ’em, but I feel a little sad; herewith some notes on who these kids are and what kind of pictures they like ...
NetBeans 5 · I’ve been running the <a href='http://www.netbeans.org/community/releases/50/index.html'>NetBeans 5.0</a> pre-beta for a week or two now, and I thought I’d post some real-time notes for what I turn up. Summary: some really neat stuff, fewer bugs than you’d think, one major disappointment. <i>[Update: Alt-P is gone, good.]</i> ...
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