Starting way last year, I noticed occasional fetches of the big versions of the pictures here at ongoing from places like xanga, LiveJournal, and MySpace. Turns out it was mostly teenage bloggers using my shots as background images, it seemed harmless, but then the volume went up and up and I did the arithmetic, and it was adding up to many gigabytes a month. So I blocked ’em, but I feel a little sad; herewith some notes on who these kids are and what kind of pictures they like.

Popular Pictures · Here are the pictures that were most popular as backgrounds:

popular picture 1

From Grass.

popular picture 2
popular picture 3
popular picture 4

The Kids · Sorry for cutting ya off, guys: Synth♥Pope, DarthRink, Kristina B, i_LOVEbecca, Mendy, Naturally Jojo, minthe, Derrrreekkk, Melyndee, and beautiful_blake.

And a special good-bye to the Fans of Jorge Posada.

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