It’s cooked and ready to serve. It doesn’t have an RFC number yet, but this is officially Atom 1.0 (HTML here). Here’s a comparison of RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0. The implementors are hard at work. I’ll update this page regularly with Atom-related news and pointers, send word if you want yours included. Read on for crunchy Atomic goodness. [Update: NewsGator Online has 1.0 support.]


Tutorials and So On · IETF drafts aren’t the world’s easiest things to read, so head on over to and check out the introductions and tutorials.

Feeds · Here’s list of known Atom 1.0 feeds (which I bet doesn’t even last a few weeks). Not only is there an ongoing Atom feed, it’s a full-text feed, so Gillmor and Scoble can get off my ass.

Software · The Feed Validator now does Atom 1.0! Well, in Beta anyhow. Plus, Sam plans to deprecate 0.3, which is a good idea; if you’re on 0.3 please switch to either 1.0 or RSS 2.0 ASAP, 0.3 is so over.

There’s a list of Known Atom 1.0 consumers; add yours.

Tests · A collection of Atom feed-format tests is under construction here, Sam Ruby’s leading the charge but feel free to participate.

Contributors · My personal thank-you to the contributors is here.

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