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Atom 1.0 · It’s cooked and ready to serve. It doesn’t have an RFC num­ber yet, but this is of­fi­cial­ly Atom 1.0 (HTML here). Here’s a com­par­i­son of RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0. The im­ple­men­tors are hard at work. I’ll up­date this page reg­u­lar­ly with Atom-related news and point­er­s, send word if you want yours in­clud­ed. Read on for crunchy Atom­ic good­ness. [Up­date: NewsGa­tor On­line has 1.0 sup­port­.] ...
The Atomic Tribe · I just want to say, the Atom­pub work­ing group has been out­stand­ing. Not al­ways po­lite, but in­tense and hard-working and in­sight­ful. Not self­ish, ei­ther; we had to go prompt the mailing-list con­trib­u­tors in­di­vid­u­al­ly ask­ing them if they want­ed to be in the ac­knowl­edg­ments sec­tion. The Net owes a thank-you to: Dan­ny Ay­ers, James Aylett, Roger Ben­ning­field, Arve Bersvend­sen, Dan Brick­ley, Thomas Broy­er, Robin Cover, Bill de hÓra, Martin Duerst, Roy Field­ing, Joe Gre­go­rio, Bjo­ern Hoehrmann, Paul Hoff­man, Anne van Kesteren, Brett Lind­s­ley, Dare Obasan­jo, David Or­chard, Aris­to­tle Pa­galtzis, John Panz­er, Gra­ham Parks, Dave Paw­son, Mark Pil­grim, David Pow­ell, Ju­lian Reschke, Phil Ring­nal­da, An­tone Roundy, Sam Ru­by, Eric Scheid, Brent Sim­mons, Hen­ri Sivo­nen, Ray Slakin­s­ki, James Snell, Hen­ry Sto­ry, Asbjørn Uls­berg, Wal­ter Un­der­wood, Nor­man Walsh, Dave Win­er, and Bob Wy­man.
Iron for Drupal · What hap­pened was, I read the Slash­dot sto­ry about Drupal’s serv­er melt­down, and winced sym­pa­thet­i­cal­ly; I have so been there. I keep hear­ing good things about Dru­pal, so I pinged my man­ag­er Hal Stern and asked “Think we could dig up a serv­er for some good guys hav­ing a bad day?” He talked to John Fowler, Supreme Opteron Over­lord, (hey Sun.­com, that page is out of date), and on Tues­day Dru­pal got a V20z. Holy cow, John found a good one, that sucker’s got two high-end Opterons and 4G of mem­o­ry, host­ing Dru­pal will prob­a­bly leave it enough cy­cles to sim­u­late galax­ies in the back­ground. Amus­ing side­note: Dries Buy­taert of Dru­pal wrote won­der­ing “under what terms we’d get such ma­chin­ery from Sun” and Hal wrote back say­ing a men­tion on the site would be nice, “and no of­fense, but the le­gal cost of any more ‘terms’ than above ex­ceeds our cost of the hardware.” As usu­al, I can’t re­sist the op­por­tu­ni­ty to gen­er­al­ize: ladies and gen­tle­men, what we have here is an ecosys­tem. Dru­pal has a prob­lem, the com­mu­ni­ty no­tices, Slash­dot broad­cast­s, we help them out, a nice piece of in­fras­truc­ture is strength­ened, the tide ris­es and all our boats float a lit­tle high­er. Is this a great busi­ness to be in or what?
Suede Bray Luthor · OK, maybe I’m not 100% com­fy with the sub­tex­t, but this thing is damn fun­ny. Here are some of the names it gen­er­at­ed for me: “Treacherous Bray Squeeze”, “Silver Tongue Tim Sweetness”, “Suede Bray Luthor”, “Silver Tongue T. Glide”, “Snake Eyes Bray Sneed”, “G. Dig­i­tal Bray Quick”, “Papa Tim Smooth”. Via Doc Searls.
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