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AutoLink Again · After a day of se­vere bl­o­go­spher­ic bat­ter­ing, I went and spent some qual­i­ty time with the Google Tool­bar be­ta. Sum­ma­ry: I went over the top, was too nasty, and shouldn’t have ful­mi­nat­ed about le­gal ac­tion, and I’m sor­ry. But, I still be­lieve this fea­ture as po­si­tioned now is ei­ther evil or stupid or both. But, it could be fixed. But, it doesn’t mat­ter that much be­cause Au­toLink is ac­tu­al­ly kind of use­less and any­how, the Google Tool­bar is doomed ...
Google Is Wrong · There’ve been a cou­ple of weeks to think about it, and the more I think about it, the more it seems ob­vi­ous that Google has gone se­ri­ous­ly off the rails with the new Au­toLink fea­ture of their tool­bar. On this one, I’m lin­ing up with Dave Win­er, Rob Scoble, and Zeld­man. Google has es­tab­lished a re­la­tion­ship of trust with many mil­lions of peo­ple: they pro­vide a good ser­vice and they make good mon­ey do­ing it, and that’s just fine. It seems so ob­vi­ous that this move is not on­ly evil but stupid; I keep hear­ing that MSN is pret­ty good these days, but Mi­crosoft isn’t trust­wor­thy, so I don’t go there. If I don’t trust Google ei­ther, all bets are of­f. Any­how, this is a pol­i­cy prob­lem not a tech­ni­cal prob­lem, so here’s a sug­ges­tion: per­haps our friends at Creative Com­mons could have a look and de­vel­op a pro­fes­sion­al le­gal opin­ion as to whether their li­cens­es, like the one I use, are in­fringed by Au­toLink (my non-professional opin­ion is that Google’s damn close to the edge). If not, per­haps they could cre­ate a vari­ant li­cense that clear­ly rules it out of or­der. Then Google stop­s, or we sue their as­s. [Up­date: This was con­tro­ver­sial; a lot of peo­ple dis­agreed, pub­licly and one-on-one. So I re­searched some more and wrote this; check it out­.]
Those Days · I’ve been hav­ing one of ’em, and when you got a blog you can wal­low in self-pity in front of the whole world, and it’s even OK if you can keep it to once a year or so. Item: I spent 45 min­utes wait­ing for the 30 sec­onds with the infectious-diseases spe­cial­ist, at least I seem un­like­ly to be­come Nine-fingered Tim Item: I sub­tly borked my Tom­cat/Jython se­tup, hours lat­er and af­ter pe­rus­ing PyServlet.­ja­va I de­ter­mined that the faulty com­po­nen­t, the one be­tween the chair and the com­put­er, had ac­ci­den­tal­ly delet­ed a cru­cial im­port state­men­t. Item: I proved con­clu­sive­ly that the com­bined mag­ic of Swing and X11 don’t al­low you to sit in Van­cou­ver and use NetBeans on a com­put­er in Men­lo Park when you’re con­nect­ed via Ssh over VPN over PPOE over DSL. Item: I flamed at Google’s Au­toLink and ap­par­ent­ly ev­ery sen­tient be­ing in both hemi­spheres thinks I’m out to lunch and is will­ing to say so loud­ly and pub­licly, ex­cept for the ones who tell me po­lite­ly one-on-one. Con­so­la­tion: The sec­ond half of the Pis­ton­s/Suns on HDTV, what a treat.
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