I’ve been having one of ’em, and when you got a blog you can wallow in self-pity in front of the whole world, and it’s even OK if you can keep it to once a year or so. Item: I spent 45 minutes waiting for the 30 seconds with the infectious-diseases specialist, at least I seem unlikely to become Nine-fingered Tim Item: I subtly borked my Tomcat/Jython setup, hours later and after perusing PyServlet.java I determined that the faulty component, the one between the chair and the computer, had accidentally deleted a crucial import statement. Item: I proved conclusively that the combined magic of Swing and X11 don’t allow you to sit in Vancouver and use NetBeans on a computer in Menlo Park when you’re connected via Ssh over VPN over PPOE over DSL. Item: I flamed at Google’s AutoLink and apparently every sentient being in both hemispheres thinks I’m out to lunch and is willing to say so loudly and publicly, except for the ones who tell me politely one-on-one. Consolation: The second half of the Pistons/Suns on HDTV, what a treat.

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March 03, 2005
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