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Group Blogs? · We’re out there talking to people about Enterprise Blogging, and one of the things we keep hearing is “We want to do group blogs.” Well, the customer is always right, so groupblogging is looming larger and larger in the Roller to-do list. I’m surprised and unconvinced; out there in the world, group blogs are the exception rather than the rule. I suspect that there may be some excess caution at work; people a bit reluctant to start talking to the world feeling that doing it in a group context will be somehow less exposed. On this one, I’d advise going with the flow, and the flow today is mostly about individual voices. But I learned long ago not to tell people what they should and shouldn’t want to do with technology.
Referrer Spamstorm · Near as I can tell, pretty well every somewhat-visible website in the world is seeing its logfiles fill up with with bogus page fetches there only as a vehicle for a spammish “referrer” field; whether or not the site posts referrer data. This high-volume flood is a fairly recent phenomenon, and what makes it weird is that the vast majority of the bogus referrer sites are off the air due to some terms-of-service violation. It would appear that a sleazebag somewhere launched a really ambitious assault on the whole world—using, I can only assume, a few zillion zombified drone machines—only to be found out and have their hosting yanked while their mindless slaves continue to spew vacuous venom into logfiles everywhere. Damn, the Internet is a weird place. [Update: This was a big one, and lots of people studied it.] [Update: I think I may have spoken with the perp.] ...
Two Licenses · There’s an interesting debate around syndication licensing going on, launched by Martin Schwimmer, with the important links aggregated by Scoble (here, here, here). I think the conclusion is obvious; some people, including me, need to have different licenses for site and feed ...
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