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Group Blogs? · We’re out there talk­ing to peo­ple about En­ter­prise Blog­ging, and one of the things we keep hear­ing is “We want to do group blogs.” Wel­l, the cus­tomer is al­ways right, so group­blog­ging is loom­ing larg­er and larg­er in the Roller to-do list. I’m sur­prised and un­con­vinced; out there in the world, group blogs are the ex­cep­tion rather than the rule. I sus­pect that there may be some ex­cess cau­tion at work; peo­ple a bit re­luc­tant to start talk­ing to the world feel­ing that do­ing it in a group con­text will be some­how less ex­posed. On this one, I’d ad­vise go­ing with the flow, and the flow to­day is most­ly about in­di­vid­u­al voic­es. But I learned long ago not to tell peo­ple what they should and shouldn’t want to do with tech­nol­o­gy.
Referrer Spamstorm · Near as I can tel­l, pret­ty well ev­ery somewhat-visible web­site in the world is see­ing its log­files fill up with with bo­gus page fetch­es there on­ly as a ve­hi­cle for a spam­mish “referrer” field; whether or not the site posts re­fer­rer data. This high-volume flood is a fair­ly re­cent phe­nomenon, and what makes it weird is that the vast ma­jor­i­ty of the bo­gus re­fer­rer sites are off the air due to some terms-of-service vi­o­la­tion. It would ap­pear that a sleaze­bag some­where launched a re­al­ly am­bi­tious as­sault on the whole world—using, I can on­ly as­sume, a few zil­lion zomb­i­fied drone machines—only to be found out and have their host­ing yanked while their mind­less slaves con­tin­ue to spew vac­u­ous ven­om in­to log­files ev­ery­where. Dam­n, the In­ter­net is a weird place. [Up­date: This was a big one, and lots of peo­ple stud­ied it.] [Up­date: I think I may have spo­ken with the per­p.] ...
Two Licenses · There’s an in­ter­est­ing de­bate around syn­di­ca­tion li­cens­ing go­ing on, launched by Martin Sch­wim­mer, with the im­por­tant links ag­gre­gat­ed by Scoble (here, here, here). I think the con­clu­sion is ob­vi­ous; some peo­ple, in­clud­ing me, need to have dif­fer­ent li­cens­es for site and feed ...
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