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Political Snicker · Was chat­ting with a col­league and I re­marked “Dow-Jones turned south when the Kerry-looking-good exit-poll leak went around the Net.” He re­spond­ed “Pity so many people’s pen­sions are linked to the suc­cess of evil-doers.”
Three Questions on XSD and WSDL · Last week at the Colorado Soft­ware Sum­mit, dur­ing my keynote I asked three ques­tions of the at­ten­dees, who were a few hun­dred most­ly se­nior de­vel­op­er­s, most­ly from the Ja­va ecosys­tem. (I’ve tucked a pic­ture in the body of this piece.) Do you use XML Schema? Pret­ty well ev­ery hand went up. Do you think you un­der­stand XML Schema? One hand went up. Do you like XML Schema? A scat­ter­ing of hand­s, maybe 20%. I asked the same three ques­tions about WSDL; sim­i­lar pat­tern, not quite as uni­ver­sal ex­po­sure, a few more thought they un­der­stood it. Just re­port­ing ...
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