This is a thirteen-year-old conference. At one point it was OS/2-centric and there are still a lot of IBM people here, but Java is the real center of gravity. Herewith some notes and pictures.

The first shot is Vancouver, the second the clouds en-route, the third somewhere in Colorado near Denver.

Aerial shot of Vancouver
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Aerial shot of Colorado, near Denver

The conference is unusual in that there are a lot of parallel tracks, but each session is given three times during the course of the week, so unless you get really unlucky, you can take in pretty well any combination you want. A heavier load on the speakers, but a good idea I think.

I got to hang out with Bruce Eckel and Mark Reinhold and Paul Fremantle and a bunch of other interesting people, and it was very stimulating; I totally recommend this conference.

Also, it’s in a lovely setting, a ski resort at 9,000-foot altitude in Colorado. Simon Phipps and I drove up late one evening to the continental divide (about 8 miles and 2,000 feet), I got pictures but his is better, check it out.

There’s one down-side: at 9,000 feet the air is thin; it’s amusing to watch strapping young twenty-something programmers go trotting up a flight of stairs, then have to stop to do some serious panting. Me, after 48 hours my brain is mostly over its oxygen-starvation, which is a good thing since I’m doing a keynote in three hours.

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October 28, 2004
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