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Meet! Meet! Meet! · Back in Van­cou­ver, thank good­ness, and I’m not com­plain­ing about the moist grey weath­er. Last week to Brus­sels to meet the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion, then back to Van­cou­ver to pick up the tent and head to Foo to meet with, well, ev­ery­body, then to the Val­ley to put on my cor­po­rate hat for mul­ti­ple ses­sions around Open-Source and blog­ging and syn­di­ca­tion. Lots of peo­ple spend their whole lives in meet­ings; I’m not strong enough, but stil­l, a good week. Here­with a few words and a pic­ture ...
OpenOffice Furore · My good­ness, there are oceans of words be­ing pumped around about some sub­claus­es in the Sun-Microsoft agree­men­t. I love Slashdot’s ed­i­to­ri­al judg­ment but de­spise the id­i­ot­ic dis­cus­sion thread­s, so suf­fice it to say that the usu­al peo­ple said the usu­al things there about Sun and Mi­crosoft and lit­i­ga­tion; but then check out Danese Cooper’s take. Any­how, I think it’s sen­si­ble to be con­cerned about the po­ten­tial threat. Of course, that con­cern would van­ish if Mi­crosoft were to state that they won’t use intellectual-property lit­i­ga­tion as a com­pet­i­tive weapon against oth­er office-software pack­ages. Sim­ple enough. How about it?
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