Brussels again, and there’s something about the place that makes me reach for the camera. Includes yet another WiFi story.

Internet Access · When I was shopping for a hotel, I went looking for one with fast Internet, but that practice doesn’t seem to have penetrated. I ended up at the Brussels Dorint (which by the way has a truly great breakfast) and they did have a wired lobby downstairs, €12.50 for 90 minutes’ access.

Except for, I got into my room and opened the window and in streamed nice free fast Internet goodness. My thanks to whoever was running that wide-open LINKSYS network. Mind you, I did have to prop the computer on the windowsill to keep the signal robust, but it was still better than the expensive lobby downstairs.

WiFi access out the window of the hotel

A Pretty Place · There’s something about traditional northern-European urban architecture, it (mostly) ages gracefully and rarely offends the eye. And in Brussels there’s quite a bit of mostly EU-driven modern stuff too, some good.

Residential buildings in Brussels
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Big EU buildings loom over older houses in Brussels

Skylines · On this trip, I kept finding myself pointing the camera at the skyline; a couple were worth keeping.

Sunset over the Brussels Skyline
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Vapor trails over a Brussels skyline

Like most businesspeople, I whine about too much traveling, but shooting across town from meeting to meeting in a nice comfy cab, watching the sun highlight the buildings and slant through the parks, I felt pretty lucky just to be there.

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