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Mario and Arnold · On the road in Bos­ton, watch­ing the Canada/US game on one TV and the RNC on the oth­er; they’re both pret­ty good en­ter­tain­men­t, al­though the RNC didn’t quite man­age to top the ven­er­a­ble Mario Lemieux wad­ing in­to an as­tound­ed US play­er fists-first, I bet Mario was just as sur­prised when he re­al­ized what he’d done. But that speech by Arnold, that was some­thing, I was to­tal­ly im­pressed with the rhythm and the flow and the com­plete com­mand of the stage... hold on a sec­ond. He’s say­ing that the Demo­crat­ic con­ven­tion should have been called True Lies af­ter one of his movies. He’s cit­ing Nixon (“I am not a crook”) as a ma­jor in­flu­ence. He’s say­ing that peo­ple who dis­agree with his eco­nom­ic the­o­ries are “girlie men”. This is vac­u­ous slop. Hmm­ph, this calls for, via Dave Sifry’s spot, a tour through Technorati’s politi­cobl­o­go­sphere, look­ing for adult re­ac­tion­s. Feel­ing bet­ter... yow! A mouse just ran across the ho­tel-room floor. Boston’s an old town.
Wikipedia · There’s been a swirl of con­tro­ver­sy around the Wikipedi­a, sum­ma­rized nice­ly by Ross May­field. Back in Ju­ly, I added sub­stan­tial­ly to the ar­ti­cle on T.E. Lawrence and since have fixed a cou­ple of lit­tle ty­pos and er­rors here and there. Maybe the Wikipedia is a short-lived fad, maybe it’ll get bet­ter, maybe it’ll get worse, but I was sur­prised that no­body point­ed this out: The Wikipedia is beau­ti­ful. It’s an un­ex­pect­ed and un­ex­plain­able tri­umph of col­lec­tive cre­ativ­i­ty and of or­der over en­tropy. I hope it lasts a long time, and those who crit­i­cize it Just Don’t Get It.
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