On the road in Boston, watching the Canada/US game on one TV and the RNC on the other; they’re both pretty good entertainment, although the RNC didn’t quite manage to top the venerable Mario Lemieux wading into an astounded US player fists-first, I bet Mario was just as surprised when he realized what he’d done. But that speech by Arnold, that was something, I was totally impressed with the rhythm and the flow and the complete command of the stage... hold on a second. He’s saying that the Democratic convention should have been called True Lies after one of his movies. He’s citing Nixon (“I am not a crook”) as a major influence. He’s saying that people who disagree with his economic theories are “girlie men”. This is vacuous slop. Hmmph, this calls for, via Dave Sifry’s spot, a tour through Technorati’s politicoblogosphere, looking for adult reactions. Feeling better... yow! A mouse just ran across the hotel-room floor. Boston’s an old town.

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August 31, 2004
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