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Blogging Strategy Funnies · I didn’t think I was coming to Sun to work on blogging and syndication, but it turns out the whole industry has woken up to the fact that There’s Something Happening Here, and so it’s burning quite a few of my cycles, and has also generated a couple of amusing (and instructive) anecdotes ...
Dainbramage · Another pointer to Music That Doesn’t Suck. I found Dainbramage Internet Radio through iTunes, but they have little stickers on their front page suggesting you can get there with any reasonable music player. I’ve been listening while I work quite a bit lately, and the selection of (all-pop) tunes is, regularly, surprising. There are ocasional ads, plus they’re an Amazon affiliate so you can buy the CDs.
Red to White · I walked by this tree this afternoon; it’s mostly still mostly-red buds, but the flowers are mostly not red at all ...
Quarter-Century Story · I made a connection this week reaching back 25 years to the first time I ever programmed seriously; this retrospective is mostly for my own amusement, but contains some references that will probably bring smiles to faces that have a few grey hairs attached ...
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