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Blogging Strategy Funnies · I didn’t think I was com­ing to Sun to work on blog­ging and syn­di­ca­tion, but it turns out the whole in­dus­try has wo­ken up to the fact that There’s Some­thing Hap­pen­ing Here, and so it’s burn­ing quite a few of my cy­cles, and has al­so gen­er­at­ed a cou­ple of amus­ing (and in­struc­tive) anec­dotes ...
Dainbramage · Another point­er to Mu­sic That Doesn’t Suck. I found Dain­bra­m­age In­ter­net Ra­dio through iTunes, but they have lit­tle stick­ers on their front page sug­gest­ing you can get there with any rea­son­able mu­sic play­er. I’ve been lis­ten­ing while I work quite a bit late­ly, and the se­lec­tion of (all-pop) tunes is, reg­u­lar­ly, sur­pris­ing. There are oca­sion­al ad­s, plus they’re an Ama­zon af­fil­i­ate so you can buy the CDs.
Red to White · I walked by this tree this af­ter­noon; it’s most­ly still mostly-red bud­s, but the flow­ers are most­ly not red at al­l ...
Quarter-Century Story · I made a con­nec­tion this week reach­ing back 25 years to the first time I ev­er pro­grammed se­ri­ous­ly; this ret­ro­spec­tive is most­ly for my own amuse­men­t, but con­tains some ref­er­ences that will prob­a­bly bring smiles to faces that have a few grey hairs at­tached ...
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