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Computer Stores and Ikea · Scoble ex­plains why Dave Winer’s hav­ing trou­ble buy­ing a com­put­er; the shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence needs to be more like Ikea. As Dave would say, “It’s even worse than it appears,” buy­ing a lap­top on­line is a pain in the ass too. Some­thing is clear­ly wrong with this pic­ture. I hes­i­tate to say this—religious feel­ings may be involved—but the Ap­ple stores feel quite a bit like Ikea, these days, and they’ve got ’em in Pa­lo Al­to and Burlingame. On­ly you spend more than in Ikea.
Taxonomy Madness · I ob­serve that many who like me hand-craft their pub­lish­ing set­up are kind of ab­ses­sive about tax­onomies, both their con­tents and con­struc­tion. Con­sid­er ex­am­ples chez Walsh (tax­on­o­my, ma­chin­ery), Pil­grim (tax­on­o­my), and Win­er (tax­on­o­my). Of course there’s al­so that link to your right la­beled What (but these days, I’m in­creas­ing­ly con­scious that I need to run through the whole es­say farm here and do some tax­o­nomi­cleanup). So, a rea­son­able per­son might ask: “Why all this tax­on­o­my work? What is it be­ing used for?” And I wouldn’t have a good an­swer. I’m not stop­ping, though. In­tu­ition is a per­ilous guide to en­gi­neer­ing ac­tion, but for now, this cer­tain­ly feels like the Right Thing To Do.
On Work and Immigration · There’s an in­ter­est­ing op-ed in the New York Times by David Brooks (who’s re­cent­ly been serv­ing as ex­is­tence proof that right-wingers can still be in­tel­li­gent and in­ter­est­ing). He points out that the two re­al big dif­fer­ences be­tween the U.S. and Euro­pean economies is that they work hard­er in Amer­i­ca (350 hours a year, that’s a lot) and they let in im­mi­grants, a mil­lion a year in the last two decades. (Warn­ing, I’m pass­ing on his num­bers with­out fact-checking.) He concludes—right-winger, remember—that this is Why Amer­i­ca Is Win­ning, and on the im­mi­gra­tion fron­t, I think he’s ex­act­ly right. But I keep won­der­ing why work­ing 350 hours—9 or 10 weeks—more per year is con­sid­ered a good thing.
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