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Ambient Internet Brain Goo · Any­one who isn’t run­ning Apple’s iTunes is miss­ing a chance to im­prove their qual­i­ty of life (or is on Lin­ux). Although I feel an­oth­er flame over iTunes’ egre­gious­ly bro­ken Web ad­dress­ing com­ing on, this post is just an ex­pres­sion of won­der. I had iTunes quite a while be­fore I opened up the “Radio” part of the menu, and here’s all these ra­dio sta­tions broad­cast­ing nice no-charge mu­sic, many of them ad-free and in fact narrative-free. I am to­tal­ly baf­fled by the busi­ness mod­el, set­ting up one of these things must in­volve some non­triv­ial in­vest­men­t. For dur­ing din­ner and when company’s over, I tend to se­lect one of the “ambient” sta­tions and let the sweet-sounding slow-moving au­dio cot­ton can­dy fill in the son­ic gap­s. Go back a few years and sur­vey the prog­nos­ti­ca­tors; I can’t re­mem­ber any­one ev­er hav­ing pre­dict­ed free end­less am­bi­ent brain goo be­ing a plau­si­ble use of the Glob­al In­for­ma­tion Su­per­high­way. There you go. [Up­date: Ki­ran Jon­nala­gad­da writes to tell me that the iTunes ra­dio sta­tions are the same as those you get at shout­cast.­com, so WinAm­putees and pen­guin­istas us­ing XMMS can al­ready get ’em.]
Seaweedshadow · Just more beach pix, but I used the number-one tech­nique of pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­phers and one or two of ’em are sur­pris­ing ...
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