Just more beach pix, but I used the number-one technique of professional photographers and one or two of ’em are surprising.

That number-one trick, you ask? If you’ve ever been the subject of a professional photo shoot (this happened to me a lot back when XML was Hot and New) you’ll learn that they take great pictures by (a) having real talent and (b) fabulous equipment and (c) putting in the work to master the technique and (d) taking lots of pictures so that one or two will turn out good. (a) through (c) are not in my command and I’m way too impatient for (d) most times, but today I was down on the Point Grey Foreshore with the kid for an hour at sunset with not much else to do and the sun was coming in more and more sideways; First each driftstick then each pebble then each frond of seaweed and finally each grain of sand had its own shadow, so I took 66 pictures of which I present four here.

By the way, if you’re truly talented and have great technique and equipment and so on, the lotsa-shots rule doesn’t universally apply; the best pictures anyone ever took of me were by Vancouver’s redoubtable Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, who used a large-format camera that looked like it’d been through three major wars and took maybe ten shots as opposed to the usual three or four rolls.

Anyhow, the pictures are in the order they were shot, you can see it getting darker.

Seafoam, seaweed, and a shell in slanting light
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A single frond of seaweed in the setting sun
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The sun reflects at a low angle off the sand
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The sun reflects at a low angle off the sand
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Conventional sunset shot with crane and gull

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November 02, 2003
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