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· · · September
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Open Source OS X Hell Again · In a pre­vi­ous es­say I re­count­ed my tra­vails in get­ting the GD.pm, and some oth­er Open Source stuff, up and run­ning on the OS X box. I did it again last night, and here are some maybe-helpful hints. If you don’t know what GD.pm might be, you won’t miss any­thing by skip­ping this one ...
Hey Joe · Wow, Strum­mer died. That one hits close to home, there was a time when the Clash was The On­ly Band That Mat­tered, and don’t you for­get it. I can re­mem­ber in 1982 go­ing on ad­vanced nondis­clo­sured train­ing on DEC’s new database pro­duc­t, and the peo­ple in the test database were Joe Strum­mer and Mick Jones and so on, and a very few of us shared pri­vate chuck­les with the en­gi­neer­s, we were the in-crowd. Here­with a ten-year-old es­say on those times, with the Clash at its cen­tre ...
New Mac · I picked up my new Power­book this af­ter­noon af­ter work; here­with some ini­tial notes, a cou­ple of pic­tures, and a help­ful il­lus­trat­ed Mac OS X hin­t ...
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