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Open Source OS X Hell Again · In a previous essay I recounted my travails in getting the GD.pm, and some other Open Source stuff, up and running on the OS X box. I did it again last night, and here are some maybe-helpful hints. If you don’t know what GD.pm might be, you won’t miss anything by skipping this one ...
Hey Joe · Wow, Strummer died. That one hits close to home, there was a time when the Clash was The Only Band That Mattered, and don’t you forget it. I can remember in 1982 going on advanced nondisclosured training on DEC’s new database product, and the people in the test database were Joe Strummer and Mick Jones and so on, and a very few of us shared private chuckles with the engineers, we were the in-crowd. Herewith a ten-year-old essay on those times, with the Clash at its centre ...
New Mac · I picked up my new Powerbook this afternoon after work; herewith some initial notes, a couple of pictures, and a helpful illustrated Mac OS X hint ...
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