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nXML Oh My · I just went and got James Clark’s new nXML Emacs XML editing mode. I poked around a bit, wondering which XML parser and RelaxNG engine he was using, and worrying how much trouble I’d have getting this running and hooked in to my hand-compiled Emacs here on OS X. No, it’s not like that. There are 12,587 lines of elisp here apparently implementing a complete XML 1.0 processor and RelaxNG validation engine. Words fail me.
Standards and Applications · There was this glowing story in Infoworld this morning about Bill Gates making nice with some IBM luminary to talk up the glorious future of Web Services; the lead para closed with a resounding phrase about “Key Web services standards and the resulting applications.” I was going to write a cynical note here about the yawning gulf between standards (particularly in Web services) and applications, then I got busy and lost that browser window. But, a bit of luck, and the magic of newsfeed technology, allow me to bring you the low-down, check it out ...
What is Nasty? · Questions Google answered by sending people to ongoing: What is a colophon? What is a namespace? What is a web tag? What is a wife-beater? What is binary search? What is character string? What is "DC" day? What is fermentation? What is java languages essay? What is measured numbers? What is nasty? What is natural language query? What is ongoing? What is peaw? What is precision and recall? What is Price Server? What is product management? What is refactoring software? What is rocket science? What is semantics? What is sharecropping? What is stax-volt? What is text, really? What is the antonym of kiosk? What is the best way for writing binary tree search? What is the dewey decimal call number for Islam? What is the extension of a rddl document? What is the fastest string manipulation language? What is the use of a book thought alice without pictures or conversation? What is throughput? What is tribalism? What is unicode? What is wi-fi? What is XML API technology? What is xml rpc REST?
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